• Calaculate Energy Savings
  • Withstand sun
  • Built to Perform
Calculate the Energy Savings of uPVC Windows


  • Calaculate Energy Savings
  • Withstand sun
  • Built to Perform

Replacing older windows with high efficiency uPVC ones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 tonne a year. 

Rising energy costs and growing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions are leading to an increased focus on improving the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings. In cooler weather, forty percent of a building's heating can be lost through glazing while in summer the transfer of heat from outside to in through windows leads to the need to air-condition homes and buildings.

The US and Europe have long focused on using energy efficient windows and, in those regions, uPVC window frames with double or triple glazing are the most popular choice. In Australia, we have traditionally used timber frames which can require high maintenance or aluminium window frames which are lower maintenance than timber but poor thermal insulators.

Now there’s a new choice here for energy efficient and low maintenance windows: double-glazed uPVC windows.

The excellent insulating properties of uPVC windows make them an ideal high performance and long-lasting alternative to timber or aluminium window frames.

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